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Tomes are books filled with ancient lore, myth or wisdom. In Diablo I and Diablo II, tomes are often instrumental in initiating quests or unravelling the sinister storyline.

Diablo I Tomes


There are several tomes to be found within the dark labyrinth beneath Tristram. The following list is an index of these tomes:

In addition, Spellbooks can be found throughout the game or bought and used to learn (or augment) various spells and abilities.

Hellfire Tomes

Diablo II Tomes

In the second game, tomes have become more rare. The following tomes can be found throughout the wilderness of Sanctuary:

In Diablo II tomes are also items which can collect magical scrolls. There are two types of tomes:

Designed to hold volumes of similar spells, each tome can store up to 20 scrolls of the same type. Vendors who sell scrolls generally sell tomes as well. Right-click on a tome to cast one of the scrolls stored within it. When a tome is empty, it remains in inventory until it is replenished with more scrolls, sold, dropped, or traded. Add scrolls to a tome in your inventory or Stash by dropping the scroll directly onto the tome. Dropping one tome onto another consolidates both into a single tome.

  • You may also hotkey the use of a tome, so that, for example, when you click on your pre-selected hotkey, a single scroll from your tome will be used to cast Town Portal.
  • Fill Tome: By pressing the shift key while right-clicking on a scroll you want to buy, you automatically purchase enough scrolls to fill the first unfilled tome of that scroll type in your inventory.


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