Torment is the highest difficulty setting in Diablo III, replacing the earlier Inferno difficulty. It is unlocked when one character on the account reaches level 60, regardless of whether or not Reaper of Souls is installed. It is broken into 13 different levels, adjustable at will. It can be changed from the main menu, and decreased at any time during the game unless playing a Hardcore character.

The Infernal Machine event must be completed in Torment.

Difficulty and RewardsEdit

With each increase in Torment, the monster difficulty and bonuses granted relative to Normal difficulty increase as follows:[1]

Torment Level Monster Health Monster Damage Extra XP Bonus Extra Gold Bonus Increased Legendary Drop Rate
I 819% 396% 300% 300% 15%
II 1311% 575% 400% 400% 32%
III 2097% 833% 550% 550% 52%
IV 3355% 1208% 800% 800% 74%
V 5369% 1752% 1150% 1150% 101%
VI 8590% 2540% 1600% 1600% 131%
VII 18985% 3604% 1900% 1850% 166%
VIII 41625% 5097% 2425% 2150% 200%
IX 91260% 7208% 3100% 2500% 256%
X 200082% 10194% 4000% 2900% 320%
XI 438700% 14416% 5000% 3350% 400%
XII 961800% 20387% 6400% 3900% 500%
XIII 2109000% 28831% 8200% 4500% 625%

Each level of Torment increases the chance of a legendary item to drop by roughly 15%.[2] Imperial gems also have a chance to drop in Master and higher difficulties (Torment included). At Torment VII or higher, Rift Guardians are guaranteed to drop a Forgotten Soul with increasing chance to drop the second one.

As of patch 2.3.0, four more levels of Torment difficulty were added: VII, VIII, IX and X. However, they may not be accessed immediately, only being unlocked when player proves their worth. Patch 2.4.2 added 3 more levels, as the power of average endgame builds made T10 completely trivial for a considerable portion of players.

  • Torment VII-XIII can now only be accessed by level 70 characters
  • Torment VII-XIII public games can now only be accessed by players that meet a Paragon level requirement:
    • Torment VII requires a Paragon level over 100
    • Torment VIII requires a Paragon level over 150
    • Torment IX requires a Paragon level over 200
    • Torment X requires a Paragon level over 250
    • Torment XI requires a Paragon level over 300
    • Torment XII requires a Paragon level over 350
    • Torment XIII requires a Paragon level over 400

Torment Exclusive ItemsEdit

Many items will only drop on Torment difficulty (any rank, from I to XIII) or in Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts (regardless of rank):


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