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Trailing the Coven is a quest in Diablo III.

Objectives: Edit

  1. Talk to Leah in New Tristram.
  2. Enter the Caverns of Araneae in the Wortham Bluffs north of Wortham.
  3. Search for the Chamber of Queen Araneae.
  4. Talk to the woman trapped in the web in the Chamber of Queen Araneae.
  5. Kill Queen Araneae in the Chamber of Queen Araneae.
  6. Harvest the Pool of Venom in the Chamber of Queen Araneae.
  7. Free Karyna with the venom in the Chamber of Queen Araneae.
  8. Go out into the Highlands Crossing from the Chamber of Queen Araneae with Karyna.
  9. Talk to Karyna in the Highlands Crossing.
  10. Find the Khazra Staff on Karyna's Lost Wagon in the Southern Highlands.
  11. Approach the Khazra Barricade with the Khazra Staff in the northern part of the Southern Highlands.
  12. Find Leoric's Manor Courtyard past the Northern Highlands and Leoric's Hunting Grounds.
  13. Enter Leoric's Manor at the peak of the Highlands.
  14. Explore Leoric's Manor.
  15. Kill the cultists.
Quest progress
The Doom in Wortham
Leads to:
The Imprisoned Angel

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