Tyla Shrikewing is/was a demon hunter.

Tyla lost her family to the demon Naragh the Sin Eater. She later took revenge against it.[1]


Tyla is a background character in Diablo III, mentioned in quotes for some of the Demon Hunter's passive abilities.


  • "Flee if you can, demon. I have a quiver full of friends who fly faster than you." From the Demon Hunter passive ability: Steady Aim
  • "I'll show you the same mercy you showed my helpless family." From the Demon Hunter passive ability: Cull the Weak
  • "How did I learn to hate, to kill, to flay the flesh from the bones of my prey without pity? You taught me." Tyla Shrikewing's final words to Naragh the Sin Eater. From the Demon Hunter passive ability: Night Stalker
  • "Don't make me chase you back to Hell, vermin. I know a quicker way to send you there." From the Demon Hunter passive ability: Hot Pursuit


  1. Diablo III: Demon Hunter Flavor Text

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