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What is the best Necromancer Item set up?

In diablo 2 i have a level 26 necromancer who has killed Diablo, What Armours would be best for him? Also should I use wands or keep using the mace's that I am using. My first mace is called blood bringer with 21-36 attack damage, 50% chance at opening wounds and a bunch of resitances. my secound mace does almost the same thing but instead of opening wounds it has a 50% chance to use smashing blow. My necromancer hhas high armour (about 360) but has low fire(16) and cold(5) resitances. I usally use my necromancer as a melee fighter when im soloing but when im with a paliden or barbarian i stand back. in Act V ive ran into issues with my armour and my health(190) as I am taking heavy damage. I would like to not get any new rings as my current ones give me +6 health regen and heavy armour. When i reach level 27 i might switch them both out for the 2 jordan rings i have. But i need a better offhand a better chestpeice and a better helmet. If you have any ideas please also state which act the item drops in

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