• BlackFrost1417

    The Dreams

    November 30, 2012 by BlackFrost1417

    I don't remember my dreams often. Most of the time they just lapse into the subconscious and wither away, like the fragile constructs of a slumbering mind they are. It is irrelevant whether they are the greatest of pleasures, or the the most sinister of horrors, they all share the same fate.
    But there are exceptions. Like tonight, when I experienced both.

    I remember bits and pieces. An underground installation, a bunker, perhaps. Concrete walls covered with white paint, with sharp angles everywhere, lit by tolerable white lights. Corridors extending into complete darkness. I would feel fear, normally, but here, I did not. I explored. I looked. And the place was empty.
    Walking through the endless maze of a place I never seen before, I came up…

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