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  • Brainwasher5

    The Twink.

    September 6, 2016 by Brainwasher5

    Twinking: using particularly useful, low-level items. Collecting thoughts below.

    Generally the best accepted twinks are: Sigon's, Angelics, Death's, Cow's. Practically all unique low level items are useful in some capacity as a twink: Rixot's Keen, for example, is probably unrivalled briefly considering its ridiculously low level requirement. 

    Sigon's full set has some impressive bonuses, but most are frankly unneeded for the period of time they're most useful. Just its helm, boots, and belt grant most of what you need. 

    Death's gloves and sword--particularly if sword is socketed with a Hel rune--provide very good IAS and also one of the best swords in the early game, easily enough to carry all the way to nightmare.

    Angelic double ring and amu…

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  • Brainwasher5

    Meteorb notes

    January 30, 2016 by Brainwasher5

    There have been a few excellent guides on meteorb (like this ) but there's sooooo much information on them. I'm condensing stuff here for easier reading.

    Cold: 20 Frozen Orb, 5 prerequisites, a total of 17 Cold Mastery (including from +skill items)--at least 26 skill points. Don't bother with ice bolt as the synergy's too tiny to matter and your points are scarce. Cold armors are nice but not essential; you can get them from an orb and save some points. 

    Lightning: 1 Static Field, 1 Telekinesis, 1 Teleport--three skill points.

    Fire: 1 Warmth, 4 prerequisites, 20 Meteor, 20 Fireball, 10-20 in Fire Mastery, rest in Fire Bolt. How much in fire mastery vs. fire bolt is dependent on how much one uses fire ball vs. meteor: fire bolt benefits fire b…

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  • Brainwasher5

    Smiter thoughts

    January 18, 2016 by Brainwasher5

    The smiter is one of the strongest Paladin builds. Like most conventional paladin builds, one key strength is its near-indestructibility thanks to high resistance potential and huge defense, with good health. The other, most essential strength is its potential to deal tremendous, consistent damage. It's one of the best uber tristram classes IMO. Its biggest weakness is its lack of crowd control and difficulty dealing with physical immunes.


    1 point in smite (for PvM). If you run the calculations for maxed smite vs. 1 point of smite, then the largest damage difference (assuming you're running the best gear for damage) comes out to be about a 1,500 damage difference. If you're running most conventional gear, the difference is much small…

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  • Brainwasher5

    Background: the pages on skills in D2 are missing information post level 20. Some practical and philosophical thoughts on how to tackle the matter are in order.

    Level 20 is the soft cap on any skill in D2. However this can be boosted, sometimes significantly. I need to figure out how high this cap is. On my current Javazon I have a total of +15 to skills (bringing my level on maxed skills to 35); I can probably still bump this up by at least about 6 levels in equipment alone, and then another +10 or so with skill-boosting grand charms. So we're looking at a hypothetical max of ~50 for most skills (assuming there's no hidden final cap somewhere). However, there are many problems to this.

    The first one is that not every skill will have the sam…

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  • Brainwasher5

    Javazon notes

    January 5, 2016 by Brainwasher5

    I've never tried to play along with guides so I'm figuring out what's good for Javazons by myself. I'll leave notes down here and edit as an organic way of gathering my thoughts.

    Javazons are great because they can rely completely on skills if they needed to. With enough investment in the required skills it's quite possible to do Hell Baal runs with even the crappiest gear bought from a vendor. That being said, Javazons still benefit greatly from equipment, and go from pretty great to god-tier with the right gear. Truly, the party that never ends.


    Strength: If you pick your armor and weapons right, you won't need very much here. The highest I can think of is 156 for a monarch, and then you can subtract a whole bunch of points after you…

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