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    Hammerdin notes

    November 23, 2017 by Brainwasher5

    • 1 to Prayer, Defiance, Cleansing, Might, Holy Bolt, Smite, Charge (7 points)
    • 20 Blessed Hammer (main attack, max first)
    • 20 Concentration (aura, max second)
    • 20 Vigor (synergy)
    • 20 Blessed Aim (synergy)
    • 20 Holy Shield

    Consider shifting some points from Holy Shield to the max resists, maybe.

    Str: enough for gear

    Dex: enough for 75 block

    Ene: nothing

    Vit: rest

    Prioritize 125% FCR, +skills, res, block, fhr, hp. Apparently mana is not an issue at higher levels with the right gear. List from best to worst.

    Helm: Early game: Lore, Tarnhelm, Radiance

    Mid game: Peasant Crown, Rockstopper

    Late game: Harlequin Crest, Veil of Steel?

    Armor: Early game: Stealth, Silks of the Victor, Heavenly Garb

    Mid game: Skin of the Vipermagi, Spirit Shroud, Lionheart, Que-Hegan's Wisd…

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    I have been puzzling over this for years now. Multiple builds recommend Sandstorm Trek for footwear. Taurean's Javazon guide names them "with little doubt the best boots" possible for a Javazon. Hnk's Hammerdin build lists them as the best possible choice (without bothering to state why, despite doing so for other items). These are but two of many, many guides singing praises for Sandstorm Trek over other boots.


    Let's examine the statistics.

    +140-170% Enhanced Defense  Decent for boots, but a percentage bonus to a relatively small number is still a small boost. Regardless, several other boot types (Upped Gore Rider, Marrowwalk, and such) offer better defense.

    +20% Faster Hit Recovery  Nice, I suppose. But nothing eye-opening.

    +20% Fast…

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    The Twink.

    September 6, 2016 by Brainwasher5

    Twinking: using particularly useful, low-level items. Collecting thoughts below.

    The best twinks are generally set items, low level uniques, and a very select group of rare and magical affixes. I'll be evaluating each in context of early game. Certain traits become much more valuable in contrast to their late-game counterparts, with FRW and damage becoming more important while survivability is optional due to the low level of danger in the early game.

    • Angelic Raiment: The weapon is godawful. Thankfully the full set's bonuses aren't mind-blowing, and the ring and amulet are superb for their level if put together with the (average) armor. Overall, a 4/5.
    • Arcanna's Tricks: Eh. The amulet's extreme rarity and the mediocrity of the staff set this …
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    Meteorb notes

    January 30, 2016 by Brainwasher5

    There have been a few excellent guides on meteorb (like this ) but there's sooooo much information on them. I'm condensing stuff here for easier reading.

    Cold: 20 Frozen Orb, 5 prerequisites, a total of 17 Cold Mastery (including from +skill items)--at least 26 skill points. Don't bother with ice bolt as the synergy's too tiny to matter and your points are scarce. Cold armors are nice but not essential; you can get them from an orb and save some points. 

    Lightning: 1 Static Field, 1 Telekinesis, 1 Teleport--three skill points.

    Fire: 1 Warmth, 4 prerequisites, 20 Meteor, 20 Fireball, 10-20 in Fire Mastery, rest in Fire Bolt. How much in fire mastery vs. fire bolt is dependent on how much one uses fire ball vs. meteor: fire bolt benefits fire b…

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    Smiter thoughts

    January 18, 2016 by Brainwasher5

    The smiter is one of the strongest Paladin builds. Like most conventional paladin builds, one key strength is its near-indestructibility thanks to high resistance potential and huge defense, with good health. The other, most essential strength is its potential to deal tremendous, consistent damage. It's one of the best uber tristram classes IMO. Its biggest weakness is its lack of crowd control and difficulty dealing with physical immunes.


    1 point in smite (for PvM). If you run the calculations for maxed smite vs. 1 point of smite, then the largest damage difference (assuming you're running the best gear for damage) comes out to be about a 1,500 damage difference. If you're running most conventional gear, the difference is much small…

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