I have been puzzling over this for years now. Multiple builds recommend Sandstorm Trek for footwear. Taurean's Javazon guide names them "with little doubt the best boots" possible for a Javazon. Hnk's Hammerdin build lists them as the best possible choice (without bothering to state why, despite doing so for other items). These are but two of many, many guides singing praises for Sandstorm Trek over other boots.


Let's examine the statistics.

+140-170% Enhanced Defense  Decent for boots, but a percentage bonus to a relatively small number is still a small boost. Regardless, several other boot types (Upped Gore Rider, Marrowwalk, and such) offer better defense.

+20% Faster Hit Recovery  Nice, I suppose. But nothing eye-opening.

+20% Faster Run/Walk A mediocre-at-best bonus, considering the amount of boots that have +30 or 40.

+1-99 Maximum Stamina (Based On Character Level)  Useless.

+10-15 To Strength  More points into vit, but nothing that an average vita charm won't also do.

+10-15 To Vitality  See above.

50% Slower Stamina Drain Useless.

Poison Resist +40-70%  When was the last time you died to poison?

Repairs 1 Durability In 20 Seconds  Useless, unless you insist on an eth pair of boots for...a little more defense?

The only thing that stands out is the FHR. Consider the alternatives. Short on Mana as a hungry caster? Silkweave. Physical fighter? Gore Rider or Goblin Toe. War Traveler does practically everything useful Sandstorm Trek does, along with a fat bonus to magic find. Even fairly useless boots like Infernostride have their moments of niche usefulness. So...what am I missing here? Is missing out on a frame of hit recovery getting THIS many people killed? Is poison resistance at such a premium? Are other boots so hard to find but this pair very common?

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