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June 29, 2010
  • Breywood

    Several weapons and armor in Diablo II have actual historical counterparts.  While it is a fantasy setting and especially the elite tier items are mostly fanciful names with impressive numbers, the developers did borrow a number of names of arms and armor that did exist in ancient and medieval times.  While these aren’t seen to be fit as part of the trivia section, I think it is interesting to look at what place these things had in history, and I plan to try to detail most of these in a multi-part blog post. Most of these have articles in wikipedia, and while I'd be loathe to recommend these articles in and of themselves, many of them do provide concise information for history buffs.

    While considered the lowest form of protection 6-10 layer…

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  • Breywood

    Difficulty: v. 1.0

    September 5, 2014 by Breywood

    While the formatting is a bit b0rked (due to being copied from WordPad and a lack of preamble for certain sections, I think it's possible to tidy it all up into one article and eliminate the others without losing relevant information.

    To increase the replay value of the Diablo franchaise, Blizzard made a few simple changes to offer a new challenge to players.  Players can accept to play the game in another tier, featuring penalties for their character while making the monsters are more difficult to defeat.  The result of adventuring in these tiers not only greater challenge, but also the possibility of greater rewards.  This is voluntary and players can choose to return to an easier difficulty level should they so choose.  The subsequent ga…

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  • Breywood

    As some of you might have noticed, I left a blurb in the Talk section of Difficulty.  It seems that someone just casually added the relevant information for Diablo III with no regard for the fact it was written up for Diablo II.  The first Diablo seems to have been omitted altogether.

    There's three roads we can take and I'd like to see which one it is before I rebuild it to find out it should have been another road.  First, we fix the main Difficulty article by concisely describing each one for all games and then give a link to a "main" article for each difficulty type, which can have sections for each game, describing how much the game changes from its previous difficulty. Second, merge it all into one article and hope that the index at th…

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  • Breywood

    Tables and Charts

    January 18, 2014 by Breywood

    At the moment, I'm working, so there's little I can do for the next few days.

    I've been trying to get those skills done when I realized that the template on the Character Pages for Diablo III doesn't have the kind of formatting that I'd like.  Partly because just trying to put the entire chart with the levels and runes will turn that into something which dominates the article rather than simply listing the relevant skills, but I like the way the table breaks the sections for those skills a bit better.

    I don't think it would hurt to have a separate article just dealing with the skills for each class, as putting it into the overview page makes that article cumbersome.  While I could just come back when I have time and horse around, I think I'd…

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  • Breywood

    So apart from the two paladins, what other character have I been building on?  I have three more, but there are only two that I've been spending any time on.

    Level 68 Sorceress: Enchantress

    She's made it, albeit with some trouble to the Inner Cloister of Hell difficulty, and she's a bit difficult when facing bosses in Nightmare.  I still don't think this is bad because I haven't put points in much outside of Enchant and Warmth.  I've dropped a single skill point in both Teleport and Static field, but she's a pretty solid character considering I have 28 skill points left over.  I was thinking of choosing Frozen Orb as her secondary attack, and given that Lightning has three synergies and that's not including Lightning Mastery, I think I'll be…

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