As some of you might have noticed, I left a blurb in the Talk section of Difficulty.  It seems that someone just casually added the relevant information for Diablo III with no regard for the fact it was written up for Diablo II.  The first Diablo seems to have been omitted altogether.

There's three roads we can take and I'd like to see which one it is before I rebuild it to find out it should have been another road.  First, we fix the main Difficulty article by concisely describing each one for all games and then give a link to a "main" article for each difficulty type, which can have sections for each game, describing how much the game changes from its previous difficulty. Second, merge it all into one article and hope that the index at the top will make it easy enough to navigate because I believe that it will be a fairly ponderous article and the links referencing those articles will have/need proper redirects.  Third, fix the main article like the first, only have a "main" article for each game and then use those links that allow you to go to a section in a particular article as opposed to the top of the article.

Personally, I prefer the first one, but I didn't think it would hurt to determine a consensus before hacking away at it.  I was originally worried about not having enough information to reorganize it, but there is enough info in the individual articles that I could work it all into a less difficult format.

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