Despite its age and network issues, I've been playing quite steadily since the ladder reset.  As usual, I have a Summoner as my "builder" and he's halfway through Act 5 Nightmare.  This season, I'm definitely planning to build a Blade Fury Assassin, although I'm sure she'll probably have most of her points in Death Sentry.  And although I was having a ball with Sacrifice long after I had access to Zeal, the name Zeuziel still screams lightning striking from the sky, not a guy who kicks serious butt after he cuts himelf.

I've had a lot of luck with my runs and I have a decent assortment of low/mid gear to get my characters through normal without getting overwhelmed.  The assassin, Epique_Phaile has a full Cleglaw's and owned Duriel in less than a minute with shurikens.  And Knell Striker might not have the damage output of Griswold's Redemption, but it's an immensely helpful item when Zeuziel tangles with bosses.  It also doesn't hurt that he has a few pieces of Sigon's and a full Death's Disguise set, all found practically by accident and without needing to trade.

I guess I'll update the characters when they meet Diablo for the first time.

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