I've been playing along with several characters, and I think that although retirement may be not too far away, I'm still finding these builds challenging.  Without further ado, though, I'll post what I have as work-in-progress.  Keep in mind that I only trade for runes to upgrade exceptional armor and weapons to their Elite versions.

Level 75 Paladin:  FoH, PvM.

Yes, I know.  The FoH paladin is a PvP build.  I figured I'd horse around with one because I've done another Conviction build before.  He's a decent caster, but last night I needed my Summoner Necromancer to eek him past Duriel.  He'd completely own my Act 2 Hireling with a Bonehew, Duriel's Shell and Naj's circlet, and me running around with resistances all in the red, it didn't end well.

On the whole, he's decent, albeit nothing compared to the hammerdin.  A challenge, to be sure, but not impossible.  I'd have needed a better strategy against Duriel, namely a bit more crushing blow and some open wounds.  I think that having a Duress on either my merc or myself and smiting him for a fair bit would have worked out.  Boosted resistances would have been key as well.


  • Helmet: Rare with a Frost Nova proc and Memory attributes.
  • Amulet: +30% all res blue amulet  or a +3 to combat skills.  I also have a +3 offensive auras which I may use.
  • Body Armor:I admit it!  This is the one thing I could have easily changed.  A 4ptopaz Full plate armor.  I should have made a Smoke pr Treachery armor for my encounter.
  • Belt: Goldwrap.  I also have a Gloom's Trap, but I think the Bladebuckle would have been handy against Duriel.
  • Gloves: Chance guards, although I have Frostburns and Magefists as well.
  • Ring: 25% magic find.  I should pick something else.
  • Ring: a 10%FCR +23 cold res +24 cold res rare ring.
  • Boots: rare "walkers" 10%FHR, 25% Heal Stamina and some minor lightning and poison res.  also 24% magic find.  I had a pair of unidentified goblin toes sitting in my stash.  I should have put them to use.
  • Weapon: Spectral Shard.  50%FCR, +10% all resistances and +50 Mana
  • Shield: Wall of the Eyeless 20% FCR and some mana-related bonuses.
  • Weapon: Knell Striker 25% crushing blow, 20% Fire and poison resistances.
  • Shield: Lance Guard. 30%FHR, +50 life and 15% damage goes to mana.

Hireling: Act 2 "Holy Freeze"

  • Weapon: Bonehew.
  • Armor: Duriel's Shell
  • Helm: Naj's Circlet

Level 71Paladin: Emodin

Okay, this is a build I'm going to have to write up sometime.  The tactics for the Emodin are pretty much the same as they are for the Avenger, but with a different skills set.  Take Sacrifice and build it and its synergies to 20.  Put 1 point each skill of the Holy Shield branch.  Grab a reasonably fast high damage beating stick and beat everything senseless.  Again, the hammerdin may crank out higher damage, but I can't say that I'm displeased with the result.


  • Helmet: Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest.
  • Amulet: A rare amulet that has a base +20% to all resistances and then stacks another 33% in lightning.
  • Body Armor:I have Iron Pelt at the moment, but I also have a Shaftstop.  It seems at the moment, Integer damage reduction works better than the % reduction.
  • Belt: Wilhel,'s Pride.  5% dual leech and just waiting for the helm to drop sometime.
  • Gloves: Magnus' Skin.  Nothing great, but when complete the Orphan's Call set is excellent.
  • Ring: Dwarf Star.
  • Ring: Raven Frost
  • Boots: I have a choice of Goblin Toes (which I think I'll move to my assassin after I upgrade them) and Gore Riders.  I admit I'm a challenge junkie, but I'm not THAT much of a challenge junkie.
  • Weapon: Upgraded Butcher's Pupil.  When in doubt, cheap, one handed, fast and kicks out nice damage.
  • Shield: Tiamat's Rebuke.  A fun shield because of the procs and elemental damage, but also useful because of the resistance bonus.
  • Weapon: Crushflange.  33% crushing blow to cut the initial chunks out of bosses.
  • Shield: Whitstan's Guard.  Excellent blocking bonuses, but also because I'm looking to collect Guillaume's Face.

Hireling: Act 5

  • Weapon: Lawbringer Legend sword
  • Armor: Ethereal Hawkmail.  Upgraded.  I may trade some gems for making it elite.
  • Helm: Wormskull

And for now, I'm going to break it into two parts because I have a few more characters that I've been playing on and off.

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