Wow, trying to remember what happened...

Necromancer made it into Hell Difficulty at level 62.  It's a good thing I'm not playing hardcore mode as I died a few times trying to make progress in Act 1.  I can solo, but the going is a bit slow with my hireling wielding Malice.  He has Duriel's shell, which was a nice find, but to be more effective, he'll need some crushing blow.  I was saving an Amn and a Tir for Strength, but I wanted to save that for something like a 2-socket Hyperion Spear or somesuch, as at the moment I have a Partizan.  As if an Amn and a Tir are hard to find...

My Assassin made it to Nightmare.  I did die a time or two facing Diablo, but on the whole, she made it to Baal without too much trouble.  What I need to do, however, is decide on her secondary skill.  As I'm not a big fan of trappers due to the fact that one of my old friends "bought" himself a perfect one with virtual currency, I think I might settle on a Vampire and see what a tanked out Cobra Strike is capable of.

The PvM FoHer is a bit of a disappointment, but it's still early in the game and I'm well aware that Fist of the Heavens is intended more for PvP.  I'm also not fond of specialized damage, such as Holy Bolt damaging just undead opponents, so I'll also have to have a smite setup in the "swap."  Even so, I didn't think Zeuziel was a proper name for anything but a FoH paladin.

And now, the unexpected build.  The Sacrifice paladin is turning out to be fun to play, but I'm only in Act 2 normal, so I'll have to see how he turns out.  I suspect he's actually more viable than the FoHer and easier to boss kill with than a Zealot.

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