Someone came by yesterday and mentioned that many of the monster articles are blank.  I quickly mentioned that it's because there's a lot of, well, Diablo III related information to be put in, but wondered if he doesn't have a point about making some headway.  I'd take on editing those pages if it weren't for the fact the monsters section is a big mess.  Some articles have charts, others have copypasted information because it's the same monster type, and some monster articles are huge because the monster type has been used in every game.

I think that it would be good to have a separate page for each monster type with a chart for every version of that monster, and a separate article for each game, with a redirect link at the top, possibly a disambig page for each monster type that has the honor of being reused.  So the forms would probably look like the one over on Curse's Diablo Wiki, only with a little extra navigation as each game is kept pretty well separated.

Although I think it's pretty clear, to use an example, Fallen One would have a page for each game, a data chart and some description/tips on dealing with the five different types of Fallen one (Fallen, Carvers, Devilkin, Dark Ones and Warped Ones) on that page.  Diablo III has a lot of different related types, so I think the Lunatic and the Overseer, etc. would have their own separate articles.  The Shamans would have two.

Does that sound like the format we should adopt?  Or is there something else we should take into consideration?

Oh yea, I forgot to make an update about the other three builds I'm working on this season...  Should do that sometime soon.

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