So apart from the two paladins, what other character have I been building on?  I have three more, but there are only two that I've been spending any time on.

Level 68 Sorceress: Enchantress

She's made it, albeit with some trouble to the Inner Cloister of Hell difficulty, and she's a bit difficult when facing bosses in Nightmare.  I still don't think this is bad because I haven't put points in much outside of Enchant and Warmth.  I've dropped a single skill point in both Teleport and Static field, but she's a pretty solid character considering I have 28 skill points left over.  I was thinking of choosing Frozen Orb as her secondary attack, and given that Lightning has three synergies and that's not including Lightning Mastery, I think I'll be more effective with the splashy cold spell.

So, without further ado, here's what she's wearing:

Hireling: "Holy Freeze" merc

Levbe 44 Assassin:  Blade Fury

I was kinda looking forward to this one and for some odd reason, I stopped playing her before finishing Act 1 Nightmare.  She's a fun character, but I guess I'd prefer to torture myself this season.  She's effective so far with the gear that I have.  And I have to figure out her secondary, so I might build the Cobra Strike skill and have a single point in the tree that uses Dragon Flight.  Since the Ladder is going to reset soon, I think I'll have to retire to nonladder and finish her quest as well as my Dragoon.  Thus far:

Hireling: Rogue

  • Helmet: Wormskull
  • Bow: Kuko Shakaku
  • Armor: Rare chainmail with 24% FHR and nice lightning resist.  I think I might want to be on the lookout for another Crow Caw.

Level 27 Barbarian:  Undetermined.  I'm planning to make him my IK Ubertrister, but I was walking with someone who never returned..

Helmet: Tancred's Skull

Amulet: Tancred's Wierd

Armor:  Hawkmail

Weapon 1: Cleglaw's Tooth

Shield 1: Cleglaw's Claw

Weapon 2: Crushflange

Shield 2: Rare kite shield with blocking bonuses and +11 to resistances, except for poison which is 27

Gloves: Cleglaw's Pincers

Rings:  Cathan's Seal

Boots: Vidala's Fetlock

Hireling: Rogue

Helm: Wormskull

Armor: Twitchthroe

Bow:  Blue Short Bow with an Amplify Damage Proc

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