Here are the some common files names already uploaded on Torrent sites to try and lure you into downloading fakes:

AVOID These Diablo 3 Torrent Filenames:

  • Diablo 3 enUS Beta from ThePirateBay – FAKE
  • Diablo 3 Beta
  • Diablo 3 Demo
  • Diablo 3 Prerelease
  • Diablo III [FULLGAME] 2010

There Will Be No Diablo 3 Warez, Cracks or CD-Keys Generators


Because Diablo 3 game play will take place over, and requires an internet connection to play. Diablo 3 will also NOT include support for LAN (Local Area Networks). So there will bringing your laptop over to your buddies house and connecting your PC’s with a network cable for co-op slaughtering pleasure.

You think hackers and crackers will set-up a private server for you to play their cracked version of Diablo 3 for free, at their expense? Do you think they’re smarter than the Phd’s working at Blizzard and are going to outsmart a hundred million dollar corporation that creates the worlds best PC Games?

Not likely. ;)

If You Try to Steal Diablo 3 From A Torrent Site You Fail

Let’s get real here, Diablo 3 is likely to provide you with years of entertainment. If Blizzard has done it again — and Diablo 3 is anything like World of Warcraft — we’re going to have a years of entertainment in store. If you break it down it something like .04 cents a day to play what could be greatest game ever.

Read the full Download Diablo 3 Torrent article.

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