Achievements are a great addition to the wiki, but the default ones do not fit in with the style of this wiki. They need to be customized, to be made more Diablo-y, so I want your suggestions and ideas on how to do this. Achievements are organized into tracks, each track having one or more achievements. The tracks are:

  • Edit track - 8 achievements
  • Image track - 8 achievements
  • Category track - 7 achievements
  • Blog Post track - 1 achievement
  • Blog Comment track - 2 achievements
  • Wiki Love track - 7 achievements
  • Special Achievements - 3 achievements: registering, editing someone's talk page and editing own user page

There is also the possibility to create new tracks for editing pages from a certain category.

One idea I had for the edit track was to use the titles given to players after finishing Diablo II:LOD: Slayer, Champion, Patriarch, Destroyer, Conqueror, Guardian. The only problem is that there are only 6 titles and 8 achievements, but the first two could have names like Novice and Beginner.


Images for the edit track could be a pentagram with the number of edits on it like the image on the right.

Put your creativity to work and write your suggestions in the comments.

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