Blizzcast 11 recaps the events of this year's Blizzcon. Bashiok, Nethera and Karune Blizzard's Community Managers talk about all the stuff that went on during the event.

Bashiok: I actually have a hilarious anecdote; it was hilarious to me, anyway. So I was out in the crowd and there was a journalist next to me, I don’t know if people at home could see this, but we actually had pyrotechnics set up in the hall so when Deathwing comes up on the screen there was this huge explosion and it just went “boom”. There was this journalist next to me, live-blogging on his lap with his laptop, and the boom goes off and he literally jumped in the air, and the laptop went flying when the boom went off. He was like “that doesn’t happen again, does it?”, and I just looked at him and I was like “no, it doesn’t”.

Read the rest here.

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