Jay Wilson, Lead Game Designer for Diablo III, was interviewed by Game Informer. The interview covers many previously discussed topics like dungeon randomization, health globes, PVP, and the Monk class. No big reveals, but it may be worth a read if you to catch up on anything you may have missed about those topics.

Jay Wilson: I believe there will be. One of the primary goals when we make classes is that we try to differentiate them as much as possible. We want each class to play completely differently. That’s why we only have one class currently that’s a mana user. We don’t want everyone to use mana. If they all have different mechanics, then they’re all going to feel different. Each class also has a different perspective on the story. We’ve made the player characters more of a voice to the story than in previous games. As they move through the game, they have dialogue and a view of what’s happening and a reason why they’re involved in the plot. They each have a character arc and a place that they’re going to, and it’s not exactly the same for each one of them. While the story’s the same, their perspective alters it. We’re trying to do some class-specific content for each character so that there are different goals to accomplish and some different content to see with each of them.

Read all 4 pages here.

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