Bashiok shed some light today on the specific mechanics of Health Globes for Rare, Unique and Boss monsters in a thread started by an user asking about the way health would be replenished during long fights. Also mentioned were the affixes for Rare monsters.

Boss Monsters also have a chance to drop health globes when critically hit, so a player isn't left high and dry in long fights against single foes.

Rares and Champions have a chance to drop globes when hit.
Uniques/Bosses... ? Maybe! But their health replenishing mechanics (among other things) have a better chance of being a bit more creative since their lairs are specifically designed for them.

Ah, so that's the terminology we're using here.

As far as I know it right now the terms we're using and what they mean:

Champions - small packs of tougher mobs that have a unique champion trait, one affix, increased health, damage, harder, etc.
Rares - single enemy of great difficulty, can have a few affixes, they're named (randomly), much tougher, comes with a group of minions that inherit their affixes and bonuses
Uniques - Unique boss monsters. Unique name/art/skills/lairs(or specific location) and are usually a part of the story/goal of a quest, if not the actual end-boss of an act. The Skeleton King and the Siegebreaker would both be uniques

Didn't you say a long time ago that the Siege Breaker was Not a unique monster?

Thousand Pounder?

Maybe. I guess it just depends on what the ultimate use is for the models and such. Siege breaker will probably be unique. It's too big to have a ton of them spawning all over the place.

I assume the chance is going to be quite low?

It's actually higher.

Regular monsters have a chance to drop a small health globe on death, champions have a chance to drop a bigger health globe once during their life and again at death, and rares have a very high chance to drop an even bigger health globe every quarter of their life and then at death.

So does this confirm that we could possibly see a rare lightning enhanced multi-shot like in D2?

It's not really new information. The BC'09 demo had champions and rares and a bunch of affixes. But yes, a rare can roll an Electrified and Multi-shot affix already, as well as a third... maybe Teleport! The most annoying of all affixes! At least as a lower level barbarian... Blizz-post

what if im unlucky and my chance to drop a globe doesnt happen, am i screwed? luck based whether i live or die is no fun. I hope it isnt like this. I think im pretty unlucky, if its like 20% to drop globe for example i'll make 50 hits no globe happen if its possible believe me... :(
I like that at certain points of a bosses health 25% 50% etc there is a guarantee globe drop, now thats more controlled.

There are still health potions should you hit an unlucky streak, or more likely, you get yourself into a bad situation. Blizz-post

So what prevents a player from jumping into a horde of 100 monsters and spamming skills, being kept alive by tons of mana and health potions? Is there a cooldown?

Yes, potions have cooldowns.

Can you get Health Globes from other source than monsters?

Most likely. Blizz-post

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