Achievements have been partially customized, thanks to your suggestions. Here are the changes I've made:

  • The Edit track is modeled after a characters progress through Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, from clearing the Den of Evil all the way to killing Baal. Images are quest icons that represent the "player's" progress.
  • The Image track's achievements use the titles given to the player upon finishing Diablo II. Some of the titles like Sir and Patriarch are masculine, but I don't think anyone will mind. The images are quest icons, which were selected by the exact criterion of having something shiny inside.
  • The Category track images were selected from the quest icons to represent order, neatness. I haven't yet renamed the achievements in this track, so suggestions are welcome.
  • The Blog post track's single achievement has been renamed Colenzo! and it's image changed to the Book of Skill.
  • The Blog comment track achievements have been renamed "Bishibosh!" and "Rakanishu!" (these names are shouted by the Fallen in-game) and their images changed to the Horadric Scroll and the Scroll of Inifuss.
  • The Wiki Love track's first image is the key from the Pandemonium Event with a golden 5. After that, the achievements' images are gems of increasing quality, with the last achievement using Jewels instead of gems. Names for this track haven't been changed. I like the current names, but again suggestions are welcome.
  • The Special track hasn't been changed at all as I had absolutely no ideas.

Please post your feedback and ideas in the comments below.

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