Hey guys! Like many of you, I am playing and loving Diablo III. I'm liking how achievements work, especially the co-op ones, since when you get a co-op achievement it automatically gives the the single player one.

As a multi-player inclined game, I was wondering if anybody has heard anything of clans starting to spring up. If not, who better to start one than the editors of the Diablo wiki!

I was thinking about starting a private clan page on the wiki. You could post your username and ID, and then players would just add whoever they see on the wiki. After a while we could scheduale stuff like max party events or boss kills and PvP (is there pvp? I havn't heard anything yet, but there HAS to be something on the way.) Perhaps we could get a vent up eventually. We could tell our friends about it too, and to join all they'd need to do is sign up on the wiki.

Does this sound like a good idea, or it just silly thinking?

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