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    I had to learn how to summon Fire Golems to help keep me and my party warm. I have managed to endure the abject cold since then. Now I have managed to reach the Arreat Summit. The view looks quite nice from up here; now the clouds no longer obscure the view of down below and I can see quite the valley down there! Also, there appears to be a series of decrepit forts and battlements. I don't remember their layouts; apparently I never went to that part of the mountain range.

    Overall, I must be getting rather close! I had no idea that Demonhide Gloves would protect better than Greaves. Whereas I felt like a lanky middle-schooler upon arrival at the Rogue Encampment, I feel like a military colonel now that I'm way up here, far more powerful than…

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    The majesty of Harrogath!

    January 20, 2009 by ENG

    After many nerve-rending attempts, Diablo's reign of terror concluded once and for all!

    Unfortunately, I could not be bothered to collect his soulstone once he died! When I remembered and tried to come back to retrieve it, someone had already taken the soulstone! Diablo will live on to cast his Reign of Terror upon us again! I have wept from this horrific news in the midst of good.

    There were some parallels to Lut Gholein in Harrogath. It is as if a twin city was built on the foot of the Arreat Mountain Range. However, the city shines with such majesty. The ambience elates me into feeling what it's like to adventure in a futuristic saga!

    However, the prices are as high as the elevations are! In the lowlands of my first adventure, the Town Por…

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    I had opened the 5th Seal. Out of nowhere, knight-magi show up and we dispatched them quickly as usual. The alpha soldier was Lord de Seis. After also bringing him to peace quickly, I was picking up his treasure and was about to lay my hand on his golden War Scepter when the Hell shook! I could not pick it up due from the rumbling force of the quaking, but at least nothing fell from the ceilings and hit my platoon.

    An ominous voice boomed: Not Even Death Itself Will Save You From Me!

    I knew that had to come from Diablo itself. I could not see him as he was evidently risen from the central star on the floor many yards down the Sanctuary hall. I replied (quietly enough) "Well Diablo, would you please wait until I arrange the treasures in my inv…

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    The Lord of Hatred has been defeated and now I have moved through a hostile-looking portal. The new castle I'm in may be smaller, but still more luxurious in appearance than the Rogue Monastery.

    In my maps, I have not seen the Pandemonium Fortress appear anywhere. When I went up to the top of the battlements to soak in the view, it sat atop an ominous cliff overlooking an unnaturally calm ocean. I have never seen anything more tranquil in my life! When looking the other way though, I feel a tiny semblance of trembling; I see what I'd believe is the edge of Hell off on the horizon.

    Trying to figure out the time from the Sun's position in the sky, was the most baffling discovery of all: THERE IS NO SUN!

    I wondered exactly HOW there could be lig…

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    Granted, I may be one who likes to restrain civilization from overrunning the beauty of nature, but Mephisto went too far in his ideals of preserving nature.

    In my extensive readings of mythical Earth tales, the artful renditions of a "Meso-American" civilization have an uncanny resemblance to the buildings of Kurast. I kept gazing in awe at the architectures around me.

    Now, those Fetishes (what a weird name to call them) are like 5-year-olds straight from Hell, probably because they are! I've believed in the Age of Accountability for a long time, so I would hope to Tyrael, the other Angels and unseen Godhead that these Fetish demons are NOT spiritually condemned children!

    To my Paladin buddy Chileth, those range attacks from those blowpipes …

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