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My Semi-Immortality Explained

ENG December 16, 2008 User blog:ENG

In the desert immediately north of Lut Gholein, I was fighting more dung soldiers and undead with a Mercenary whose name I've forgotten now. Seconds after he quickly died (I think ranged mercenaries are best,) I was chugging my health potions while fighting off the swarm. It all turned out to be futile. Had I not created the pact with an angel whom I shall not name, I would have been gone for good. (FYI: Not making this pact with an angel is referred to by the slang "going hardcore.") When I was but a young lad, I had been fervently seeking redemption and atonement of myself. One day, I stumbled upon an angel who was doing a survey of the lands. I told him what I wanted. I also asked if there's any way to make me return to life should I die young.

The angel granted me semi-immortality on the condition that I serve Heaven's cause for the rest of my existence, and pay a tithe of part of the gold on myself at the time of death. Once I had paid this gold, I would revive in a new body back in the nearest settlement. I had lost ~4,800 gold in my first death in a tomb underneath a desert outside Lut Gholein. All of my combatware and jewelry were lost so I had to hire another mercenary and attack with a composite bow. I had my items and the remainder of my gold returned, so I continued on as before. --ENG 13:08, 14 December 2008 (UTC)

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