Andariel was too easy!

It is far too bad that Andariel was defeated so easily, I only needed three healing potions. (Maybe I only needed two, but in the heat of the moment, I may use more than necessary.) She dropped three yellow, unique objects: a crystal sword, an axe, and a dirk. Also, she dropped two more blue, enchanted items. If only she was more of a challenge; her height was twice that of mine! Her dropped treasures were worthy of a foe three times her strength! Regardless, her days of torturing and killing rogues, along with deflowering captured male soldiers, have finally ended! I have far more journeys ahead, but I have proven myself valiantly in the face of serious, but relatively unchallenging evil.

Then again, I have thoroughly "gambled" with Mr. Greed ("Gheed Greed;" my nickname for him) and earned uber, unique fighting wares this way. Otherwise, Andariel may have been a worthier challenge.

(Speaking of Gheed Greed, after defeating Andariel, he exclaims that he'll "party like it's 999!" I come from a land where a different calendar system is used. What year is it where I am now??) --ENG 05:34, 14 December 2008 (UTC)

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