Since a few World of Warcraft news sources like to include general Blizzard Entertainment news, I found out about Diablo stuff there too. I'll give a brief summary, but you should just go to the links below and read for yourself.

Apparently, Diablo III will have both an auction house like World of Warcraft where players can buy and sell items with virtual currency (aka gold) and an auction house for players to buy and sell items with real world currency (like $US). It sounds like a crazy idea that is an extension of what alot of free-to-play games are already doing, but in this case Blizzard won't be selling any in-game goods for real money, but apparently taking some cut of the transactions. The real currency AH will also allow purchase of in-game gold (again from other players apparently), but maybe that will change. The transfer of real world currency will be tied to the player's account (informally being called the wallet).

Diablofans apparently scooped the Escapist by like 1 minute. The Diablofans article is a must read, but includes info about the entire Diablo III press event. If you want just the FAQ of the upcoming auction houses, you can just read the Escapist FAQ.

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