• Fred Druidson

    There was a time when Diablo was one of my favorite things. Diablo 2 was the *perfect* game: it aged better than all of its contemporaries, and most of the games that came after it, too. 

    In the process of sequel-making, there's always this risk of failing to duplicate whatever it was that made you a success to begin with. Diablo 2 succeeded; but its successor, Diablo 3, did not.

    I did my due diligence, though: I played through the game once. I endured the stupidity of the new storyline, the crass money-making scheme built into the game by its twin demons of shoddy random drop generation and "auction house." I was one of the ones who sat on day one and waited endless hours just to play this flawed, always-online game that dared lay claim to …

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