Continuing on the discussion of demons post-D3:

  • The Heavens seem to be in a better position than the Hells in that for all the damage done, they at least possess strong leadership.
  • My guess is that the Reapers will collapse, as comparatively few Reapers seem to be self-aware (mostly, if not only its angelic members), and they've lost both Malthael and Urzael. And with the Black Soulstone destroyed, Malthael's plan is kinda shattered (pun intentional).
  • I doubt the Nephalem will lead them. I...really dunno what'll happen post-RoS. They may pull another Dark Wanderer on us, but I doubt it.
  • Malthael won't be reborn. There'll be a new Aspect of Wisdom, but reborn angels are still different individuals. It's iffy if there'll ever be an Aspect of Wisdom since the Arch called on Tyrael to take the mantle.
  • The shattering of fate has been speculated by some to refer to the death of Itherael. I've seen another interpretation that it's reference to the concept - the nephalem/humanity screwed up fate by existing, since fate decreed that Hell would win the Eternal Conflict. I think it's more a reference to the concept of 'fate' no longer applying/being relevant - it's already "shattered." Whatever comes post-RoS will ensure the "forever" part.
  • Though what comes RoS is iffy enough right now, whether it be a second expansion or DIV. I'm not expecting word for quite awhile. Looking at Blizzard's product schedule, I don't see another Diablo installment occurring anytime soon, especially since RoS seems to have 'fixed' D3's gameplay issues (no, that's not an invite for debate - wrong blog post).

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