Okay, I've been weighing this issue for quite awhile, and I thought it best to get some feedback. Question is - should there be a Diablo IV article?

Now, yes, the elephant in the room is that D4 doesn't exist, hasn't been announced, and might not even be being worked on. All that's known is that there's some game being worked on, but it could be D3X2, a spin-off, or D4 itself. Usually creating articles based on hypotheticals is a road to disaster, considering that they draw in rampant speculation. That said, there are times when I think a hypothetical product is brought up so many times that it becomes kind of necessary, or at least interesting, to log its history. Half-Life 3 is perhaps the most (in)famous example, but D4 is hardly on the same level of rumour mill. However, we already have a hypothetical article, so does D4 have enough to warrant it?

I don't know. Excluding fan speculation and keeping the information to media outlets, we know that there's a game being worked on, we know that the term "Diablo IV" was used by Travis Day awhile back, we know there was the BlizzCon 2015 "will lose their shit" controversy (which I haven't made edits for yet), and most recently, there's the "dice conspiracy" idea going around. On one hand, none of this is that compelling as evidence. On the other, this info is currently being lumped into two separate articles (Diablo III, specifically the "expansions" section, and BlizzCon), and while there's a basis for that information being there, it's telling that the amount of information does end up taking a lot of space in both cases.

So, where do I stand? I don't know. I'm very reluctant to create an article, because even with the film article, said article would inevitably gain a lot of traffic and speculative edits, even if we locked it to wiki users. On the other, the info is starting to pile up. If a gun was pointed to my head, I'd say no, there shouldn't be - not yet at least, but I'd like to know where other editors stand on the question.

And since I'm here, may as well ask - what would people want in a D4? Should it exist at all? Prequel, sequel, spin-off? Come one, come all.

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