I've been putting this off for a long time, but I've create a quote template for epigraph use. An example of internal and external sourcing can be found on the Demon Hunter and Exorcist pages respectively. Before you say anything, yes, this was ported from the SC wiki (of which I'm also an admin), and I've been putting off using it due to the different styles of the two. However, I would like to contend the following points:

  • Use of a template will standardize how epigraphs appear. There's been too much inconsistancy.
  • It looks better (personal preference, but I'd rather deal with a small "src" than a small no. sticking out).
  • Flavor text for items and manuscript transcriptions remain as is (e.g. for items the text still remains at the bottom of the page). The quote template is only for epigraph use. This includes lore text for monsters, remaining at the top of pages/sections.
  • It makes sourcing less precise (e.g. for the DH the source is now simply D3 rather than the DH intro cinematic). However, epigraphs are meant for flavor, so I can live with this myself. Info within the article itself remains sourced using normal formats (which I seem to be the only one to use, so maybe this isn't an issue at all.

Anyway, feedback appreciated.

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