So, in light of BlizzCon 2016, the fanbase seems to have given into hatred and started causing destruction. Or, to use a less flowery analogy, pissed off that after a plenthora of free content after Reaper of Souls, are outraged that they have to pay for the necromancer.

Honestly, it's bizzare. Said free content includes new zones, including an entire remake of D1's labyrinth system (which is seasonal for some reason, so yeah, that sucks), but paid content is suddenly out of bounds? I know everyone was hyped up for a more massive announcement, but I can't really fault the amount of content on offer. Especially since in announcements for other games I play (e.g. HotS, StarCraft), I'll still need to pay for a lot of that content.

So, yeah? Excited? Disappointed? Should D3 continue to get free content despite the lack of steady revenue, or is the fanbase just waiting for Diablo IV? At some point I'll have to get back into RoS (mostly the 'lore guy' here), but I figure that it's better to discuss the matter on a blog or forum rather than the necromancer page itself.

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