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    A batch of screenshots from early development of Diablo III (allegedly from 2005) have been revealed by Kotaku. Featured are three areas named Angelic Lands, Heaven, and Keep. Not surprisingly, the images show a much different tone and style from the iteration of the game that we'll eventually be playing.

    Check out all 17 screenshots below:

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  • JoePlay

    We have exciting news! Your wiki has been chosen to receive Achievement Awards. They are brand new, super fun, and not everyone is getting them, so congratulations!

    The Awards will help encourage people to make more edits and contribute to the wiki. They also help brand new people get a feel for what they can do on the wiki. Awards are only available for logged-in users, so they’ll help encourage people to log in when they’re making edits.

    So what does this mean for you? More people editing on the wiki, more friends, more help, more content, and more fun!

    Admins will be able to customize the names and photos used in the awards so that they fit your community to a T. And the awards appear automatically, so there's no extra work that needs to b…

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    Recent news

    October 13, 2009 by JoePlay
    September 3, 2009
    • Videos of Diablo III from PAX: [1], [2]
    • Bashiok posted on Skill graphics, Damage types, Replayability, Bind on pickup or equip items and Patch 1.13.
    September 2, 2009
    • Bashiok has confirmed Blizzard will be at PAX and will have playable demos of all upcoming games including Diablo III.
    • Bashiok writes a brief overview of the Blizzcon 2009 Diablo III Art Panel for a poster that said he didn't see it on DirecTV and that the only video on youtube is this, a slideshow of photos taken during the panel.
    September 1, 2009
    • Interview with Leonard Boyarsky and Kevin Martens on Diablo 3
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