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    Against the Burning Hells: Diablo III's Road to Redemption with Reaper of Souls

    I had the pleasure to attend a talk by Josh Mosqueira; a Lead Game Designer for the Blizzard Diablo team. He wanted to give the folks at GDC a candid look at his journey since he was hired by Blizzard in 2012.

    I'll do my best to paraphrase his key points and topics. Be sure to leave any thoughts in the comments below.

    The atrocious feedback from the players left the Blizzard devs in a state of depression. The office was similar to a funeral home as the team honestly did not care about the sales records, they wanted the users to love the game they had been working on for 10+ years. The servers were overwhelmed and error 37 became an internet meme. Their BETA test w…

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