I find not only in the World of Warcraft but in also the Starcraft and Diablo Community that Blizzard is attacked by it's fans because it isn't listening to it's audience. Well I'm here to state that Blizzard is listening to us and some people are acting ignorant to the whole situation. I'm upset to see that they are under seige because of simple mistakes and yet the people state as if they aren't doing enough.

Blizzard is underway to create multiple games that are new to them such as Hearthfire and Heros of the Storm. A big statement that Blizzard is listening to us is that they are creating WoD to gain it's old original population back and I'm excited for that! Diablo is getting their expansion as well! I'm intrested in grabbing both games and I feel as if I'm not going to be disappointed. People I've debated with have stated they never stay the same pace with the game they are always changing it. I simple reply Good! No one like a pattern I hate doing the same thing over and over I'm no pencil pusher. I'm here to enjoy several expirence within the many games Blizzard has made I've been a big fan since Warcraft II and I'm all the way here. I don't see me leaving Blizzard unless they complete go off the rails like Ozzy and his crazy train.


I feel for these guys.

Please leave a comment I love to actually talk to people about this sort of thing :) have a nice day!

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