I will hardly rest until the wiki is complete (will it ever be?), and will do as many contributions as I can. However, since I am not omnipowerful, and I have many more things to do, I will focus on Wizard-related items, mechanics etc. for now. Once I am done with it, we'll see what happens next. After all, it's my primary class and I at least have some idea on how the mechanics work...

Generally, I am formatting the existing articles to have more or less same appearance, and adding new ones, mostly those that are missing since the introduction of RoS.

Please do not remove clarifications (everything that is not a copy-paste or rephrasements of the official Game Guide information), unless it is contrary to Wiki rules, speculation, or you think it may be wrong. In either of the three cases, feel free to edit or remove, but please don't replace it with plain duplicates of the Game Guide info. If people want to read the official information that can be found there, they will read it there.

Thanks everyone, and let's see how it goes :)

P.S. I must admit, I am starting to feel proud for being part of the DW community...

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