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  • Sapphirewhirlwind

    If the rumors are true, then I am really hoping that  we get to fight Imperius or perhaps see a comeback of someone from the Sin War (maybe Lilith or Inarius, anyone?) as more than just a cameo.

    If ihe rumors are false, then would it be a mere daydream to hope that they will release Diablo 4 by the end of this decade at least? Or am I to assume that it will follow the footsteps of Warcraft and become another MMORPG?

    Other questions on my mind are what happened to Trag'Oul and can we expect that Ithereal will be murdered in some fashion due to the last line of the Prophecy of the End of Days stating his aparrent demise?

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  • Sapphirewhirlwind


    I'm gonna keeo making more edits though, and since there's still lots of stuff to edit I guess there's still plenty of opportunities for me to contribute more :)

    In other news, I'm wondering about the Diablo 3 expansion (mostly as to just how the Great Evils will return since the Prime Evil's defeat. Then again, the Black Soulstone never actually broke so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Also, WHY BLIZZARD WHY, Deckard Cain was killed off by some Disney villain hasbeen reject. As a character that has played a major role in the series I personally believed that he should have died much later in the story or not at all. Killing him off that early just ruined the game for me.

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  • Sapphirewhirlwind

    50 edits

    February 20, 2013 by Sapphirewhirlwind

    Yay! I've finally reached 50 edits or this wiki.

    I'm hoping to reach a hundred by the next month or two, so to this end I hope that there will be plenty more stuff for me to edit :)

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