Well... 2009 is here and a friend and I are leveling our Uber Killers. Somewhere in the middle of the holiday we've begun our task of making characters capable of defeating the ultimate challenge in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction: Uber Tristram. I'm playing a Frenzy Barbarian and he's is a Smiter Paladin. Oh, and his brother wants to join us, but I forgot how his Paladin was specced. Up until now we're just cruising through the first two acts and are now busy with act III. Some bigass jungle is still in our way, though I doubt that will ever stop us. Watch out Mephisto, a Frenzinator and Smitadin are on the loose.

Me and him, we go way back, haha. I can't remember when we first played Diablo II, but it was long before Lord of Destruction came out. We have our moments of not playing and stuff, but we always go back to Diablo II. He's always trying to come up with special builds and combinations of characters. Quite fun, even though we always have to start over and never seem to go beyond act III or IV, haha... Oh well...

Anywho, about my story I was trying to write. Still can't find the words, but I'm coming up with the creation history of the world and some of the "mundane" stuff that is going to happen in the opening/intro of the story. I haven't figured the latter out completely (neither is the first), but it's somewhere along the lines of picking up some stuff to cure the main character's girlfriend from a rough/unnatural cold or something. Y'know, magical stuff, haha. As for the creation of the world (which is named Enam by the way) I guess somewhere around four or five gods battled against the first and greatest of evils out there and barely won by banishing/shackling the evil in some dark prison dimension thingy. One of the gods sacrificed himself/herself and from his/her body the world was created etc. I'll see what I can think up and maybe post in here.

If you want, you can let me know what you think of the little idea above.

Be seeing you guys 'n gals later, Silver

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