• Tephra

    Modern forum poll

    February 5, 2016 by Tephra

    Is the Diablo Wiki's forum outdated? Yes, yes it is. Does it need to be changed into the shiny new look that is less versatile, but easier to use? That is the important question, the one which you will decide.

    Yes, YOU!

    It'd be helpful if I linked images of the old versus new forums, but why should I Google those when I could make you do it instead? Maybe some kind soul will do it for both of us and put them in a comment, so scroll down there and see if they did that yet.

    Now finagle your little pointer down to that poll box below this sentence and cast your vote. ]]

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  • Tephra

    Hardcore Ethics

    August 23, 2015 by Tephra

    A point of opinion in Diablo II (not sure if hardcore in Diablo III is comparable). Is it ethical to save and quit a hardcore game during a moment where death is not immediate, but is inevitable? That is a scenario where you are completely surrounded with no escape route, can't get into a portal, can't kill the enemies faster than they are killing you, and are running out of healing potions - is it more honorable to die, or is quitting a valid tactic?

    I died during this scenario once and when telling a coworker about how frustrating it was to know I was about to die and couldn't do anything about it, he suggested quitting. The thought had not occurred to me at the time, and it made me even more frustrated to think there had been an out I ha…

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  • Tephra

    Tephra's better editing guide

    September 18, 2014 by Tephra

    This guide is meant to address minor issues I've seen on the Diablo Wiki. I may write more of these in the future, it depends on the quality of articles I come across, I suppose.

    The subject for today is the overuse of things on the wiki; going beyond that which is helpful, into the realm of redundancy and messiness.

    The purpose of this is not to reprimand, but to explain the correct method of doing things. If you've been doing things wrong, don't feel ashamed, just start doing them right.

    Stub is the most used maintenance template on the wiki. As of writing this blog, there are 518 pages under Article stubs. Yes, 518 pages. The wiki could certainly use more content, I do not contend this fact, but with such a massive quantity of pages there, …

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  • Tephra


    October 10, 2013 by Tephra

    Apparently wikis have two default emoticons. I have replaced these and added five more.

    These are small templates to be used on talk pages, blogs, or forums topics.

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  • Tephra

    False contributions

    June 18, 2013 by Tephra

    Yesterday a large number of videos were uploaded to this site, supposedly by several different editors, including some who are inactive and myself as well.

    These contributions are false attributions so dishonestly applied by a Wikia bot.

    Sometimes I really hate the stupid things Wikia pulls, and this is one of them.

    Apparently Wikia is updating videos across many wikis, and somehow think it is appropriate to forge editors' names to the contributions, even if said editor hasn't dropped by in years.

    So it isn't a sudden resurgence of inactives making a return, it is only Wikia giving credit where it is not due, and at least for myself, not welcome.

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