Please note, all fansite creators and/or fans, the Diablo Wiki has a policy against advertising fansites within articles. We regard this to be spam with little difference from any other type of spam.

This does not mean we reject fansite links anywhere and everywhere. There are a few places where links are acceptable, these include:

  • Blogs
  • Forum topics
  • Your user page

Fansite spam will be given slightly more leniency than typical spam as we will offer you the benefit of the doubt. This is essentially a three strikes policy: If you add a fansite link to an article, it will be removed. If you put it back, you will receive a written warning on your talk page. If you ignore the warning and put it up a third time, you will be banned from the wiki in the same fashion as any other spammer.

Why do we have this policy?

  • We are a wiki, not a community hub
  • We may not have time to check fansites for authenticity
  • They begin to build up until we have dozens of links making articles look messy

Might we change this policy if you give us a good reason?

Highly unlikely, the decision to abolish fansite links from articles was reached unanimously by the current staff of active Diablo Wiki admins.

- Tephra

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