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    2 diablo wikis

    June 11, 2012 by Thea1029

    Hi wiki welcome to my blog. So while I was searching for an article about something ( I did not search here cause it said its article stub ) and then I found a website with that article and the big surprise is the name was diablo wiki too. I thought it was this website but it's different. The address is So I was hesitating if it was a rival or the creator of this created another website.

    This is all true.

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  • Thea1029

    Hi wiki I am Thea1029 and welcome To my blog. We all know about the Whimsyshire level but there is one more. I can't call this a very secret lvl because others might experience this.

    For the walkthrough I just watch a video from YouTube, I think the it is from sillEScottGames. Anyways this will be the summary of the video. First this lvl only appers in nightmare so you wanna select nightmare then the shattered crown and the northwest gate. In this video he just go through the path were it will lead to tha cemetery of the forsaken. Normally we will see 3 passage and all of them are defiled crypts. He use town portal and leave the game. He start it again and of course we will immediately reach cemetery of the forsaken because of the checkpoin…

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  • Thea1029

    Belial is the lord of lies wich you can fight at act II. In this blog I will tell you some good skills that you can use in different classes.

    Wizard is my current character now( just saying ) and I defeated him in one attemp. Most of Wizard's attack is long range.

    spectral blade ( impacful blade )
    disintegrate ( convergence )
    frost nova ( deep freeze )
    diamond skin ( mirror skin )
    energy armor ( absorption )
    archon ( arcane destruction )
    blur, glass cannon, illusionist

    In defeating Belial I use combination. Using spectral blade you can attack him near with diamond skin. Disintegrate is for attacking without diamond skin but you can use energy armor for some protection. Archon is very powerful, while in archon the secondary skill has more damage plu…

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  • Thea1029


    May 31, 2012 by Thea1029

    Hi I am Jasmine aka Thea1029 and this is my first blog. I would like you to know that I am new here but not on Diablo III, I am already on nightmare difficulty act II so you could ask me some question by commenting below and I will try to reply back immediately.

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