Hi wiki I am Thea1029 and welcome To my blog. We all know about the Whimsyshire level but there is one more. I can't call this a very secret lvl because others might experience this.


For the walkthrough I just watch a video from YouTube, I think the it is from sillEScottGames. Anyways this will be the summary of the video. First this lvl only appers in nightmare so you wanna select nightmare then the shattered crown and the northwest gate. In this video he just go through the path were it will lead to tha cemetery of the forsaken. Normally we will see 3 passage and all of them are defiled crypts. He use town portal and leave the game. He start it again and of course we will immediately reach cemetery of the forsaken because of the checkpoint. The next step is hard because it doesn't show up after we do the previous steps so you might just repeat it again. When you find out that there are four passages one of it is the development hell lvl


If you guys can't understand or want more clarification you might just want to check the video from sillEScottGames.

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