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  • Vorknkx

    A HARD Diablo Lore Quiz

    January 30, 2013 by Vorknkx

    So, you think you know a lot about Diablo lore? Prove it!

    Be warned - the quiz is very hard and requires knowledge of the info provided in the Diablo and Diablo II Manuals, as well as various bits of lore that appear in the games themselves (through NPC conversations or books).

    I haven't included any lore from the novels because not every player has read them.

    Here is the quiz itself - QUIZ.

    And here are the answers... but please, don't look at them until you have tried to answer all questions on your own - Answers.

    Good luck :)

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  • Vorknkx

    My review of Hellfire.

    September 18, 2011 by Vorknkx

    Recently, I wrote a review on Hellfire for the MobyGames website.

    You can find it here - Hellfire Review

    I tried to put a little more emphasis on the expansion's good aspects, even though there are plenty of bad ones. I also tried ot make it as informative as possible.

    Enjoy :)

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