For those of you hunting for achievements, and were unable to complete Act I because of The Lyceum being bugged and not spawning.... we have our long waited patch! Thats right, Blizzard has fixed the bug preventing The Lyceum from spawning, and it is now available in the Southern Highlands! In order to quickly farm for this spawn, Accept the last quest in Act I, Return to New Tristram. Once logged in, take the portal to "Highlands Crossing" and walk across the bridge. You should be able to find it (if its spawned) north of the bridge.

This fix has alos allowed players to get the "Villager's Journal," which is a randomly spawned lore book found within the Old Ruins (aka Old Tristram). Before this patch, the journal was thought to spawn in The Lyceum, but this is not correct! The journal is needed for the achievement "Taking Notes," and eventually "Grand Lorekeeper of Sanctuary." To get this, simply take the Old Ruins portal and run around looking for Old Keepsake boxes.

Hopefully there is few other hidden surprises found within this patch, but for collectors and achievement people, this is a much needed change!

For more patch information, please see the following

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