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A Vault Sentry

Vault Sentries (a.k.a. Treasure Realm Sentries or Hobgoblins) are massive bulky creatures (resembling Demon Troopers) guarding the Treasure Realm. They protect the Treasure Goblins and Vault Peons.


Sentries are usually found in large packs across the Treasure Realm, although usually not a lot per run (for the dungeon itself is very short). They attack with their maces in close combat. Occasionally, they will leap out of the portals, ambushing the player.



A group of Vault Sentries


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
Vault Sentry-render

Vault Sentry render

  • All unique Vault Sentries are named after rich and wealthy persons, either real people or fictional characters.

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