For the Diablo II unique helm, see Veil of Steel (Diablo II).

The Veil of Steel is a Unique quest reward item in Diablo I given by Lachdanan after completing the quest Lachdanan. It cannot be obtained in multiplayer.

It is arguably one of the more useful Unique Helms for any character, especially for Warriors who can afford the mana penalty.

It increases both Strength and Vitality highly and is notable for being the only Helm holding a 50% All Resistance, the only Great Helm requiring no Strength to be equipped, and the only unique armor and helm having both augmented base Armor Class as well as a bonus% of the formerly mentioned.


Veil Of Steel-1

Veil of Steel
Great Helm

Diablo IIIEdit


This helm returns for The Darkening of Tristram event as a magical helm. It is obtained from Lachdanan's corpse lying on level 14.

"May those who wear this helm meet a better fate than my own, ever guided by loyalty and honor" — Lachdanan

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