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Vendel the Armorsmith
Vendel the Armorsmith - After Quest
Appears in: Diablo III
Significance: Minor
Service(s): Vendor, repair
Residence(s): Watch Tower
Starts quest(s): The Scavenged Scabbard (event)
Portrayed by: Unknown

Vendel the Armorsmith is a random spawn merchant in Act I of Diablo III.


Vendel found a scabbard that belonged to Talic the Defender, one of the Ancients that guarded Mount Arreat.[1] It was stolen by a Scavenger, and while Vendel pursued him into a Watch Tower, but lost him. With the aid of the Nephalem however, the scabbard was retrieved. In return, Vendel offered his services.[2]


Vendel is found in the Watch Tower, level 2, located in the Southern Highlands. Vendel has approximately a 1:20 chance of appearing. Which, given that the Watch Tower itself has a 1:3 chance of appearing, can cause a person to have a difficult time finding him and his quest which is the only way to get his journal entry.

Vendel gives the player the event "The Scavenged Scabbard He will not help players fight and will not take damage, but can suffer damage from the environment (e.g. breaking walls). After the completion of the event, he drops the Scabbard of Talic the Defender journal entry, and begins to provide vendor and repair services.


Vendel sells the following items:


  • "Greetings, friend. One of those dirty scavengers stole an ancient, extremely rare scabbard from me. I followed him in here, but then I lost him. Perhaps you could find it for me."
  • "Many thanks to you. I would never have seen this again without your help. You'd like to buy something from me, yes?"


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