The Vile Children are the dangerous offspring of the Vile Mothers. They appear in Act IV and play a minor role at the beginning of Act III. Vile Children move with great speed towards their enemies. They have a melee attack that isn't too harmful - however, Vile Children rarely appear alone. They are fragile and are easily slain, which is a good thing as you're most likely to encounter entire hordes of them at the same time. It is advised to dispatch them quickly before their numbers grow out of control.


Ravenous from the very second of their birth, these fetid beasts swarm to any potential food source. Unfortunately, for their victims, this is usually an adventurer who has strayed too far from the safety of the Pandemonium Fortress.

When Encountering the Dark Wanderer in Act III he spawns 5 of the Flesh Beast variant of this monster.

Vile Child
Vile ChildFlesh BeastStygian DogGrotesque Wyrm

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