Cave Viper (Diablo I)

Cave Viper

Viper Serpents
appear mostly in the farther Caves and in Hell. They are Demons.

Vipers slither toward their enemies and then launch a swift barrage of attacks with the two Swords they carry in their hands. While each attack in itself is not very powerful, they can strike at an amazing rate. There are four types of Vipers: Cave Vipers, Fire Drakes, Gold Vipers and Azure Drakes.

Unique VipersEdit

Vipers also appear in Diablo II as Claw Vipers. It may be argued that they are not the Vipers from Diablo I because of their relatively less ferocious appearance and that they became Animals from Demons. They populate Act II and are responsible for the Tainted Sun in Aranoch. The only super unique Claw Viper, Fangskin may be a reference to Fangskin (Diablo I).

VariantsCave ViperFire DrakeGold ViperAzure Drake