Class: Druid
Required Level: 24
Skill Tree: Elemental Skills
Requires: Firestorm, Molten Boulder, Fissure
Cost: 25 Mana
Cooldown: 4 seconds

Creates a mini volcano that spurts out fireballs.

Damage Type: Fire
Synergies: Molten Boulder, Fissure, Armageddon, Fire Claws
Other Stats: Dual Elemental Damage: Fire and Physical

Volcano is a Druid Skill in Diablo II.


A Druid trained in this ability possesses the power to summon from the bowels of the earth a violent eruption, raining molten rock down upon all nearby foes.

General InformationEdit

Unlike Fissure, Volcano's damage is concentrated on the point of casting; the splash damage to nearby monsters is practically negligible. The general tactic is to somehow immobilize a monster. such as by diverting its attention with a mercenary or minion, and plant a volcano under it. As long as the monster stands in the same location, it will receive a majority of the damage. Once the monster moves, however, the damage it will receive from the volcano will be negligible.

Volcano cannot be cast too near an obstruction, such as a wall. It is best used in an open space with a mercenary or minion immobilizing the single target monster.


Skill ProgressionEdit

Mana Cost: 25

Level 1234567891011
Damage 8–10 8–11 11–13 13–15 15–17 17–20 20–22 22–24 24–26 29–31 33–35
Fire Damage 8–11 11–13 13–15 15–17 17–20 20–22 22–24 24–26 29–31 33–35 38–40
Level 12131415161718192025
Damage 38–40 42–44 47–49 51–53 56–58 60–62 67–69 73–76 80–82
Fire Damage 42–44 47–49 51–53 56–58 60–62 67–69 73–76 80–82 87–89

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