Vulture Demons are a type of monster class which first appeared in Diablo II. They frequently fly to evade combat.

Some Vulture Demons are merely animals under the influence of evil forces, but others are undead and demonic creatures. Most Vulture Demons, however, have poor defensive stats and most can be brought down in one to two hits, depending on the weapon and skill used.

Different types of Vulture Demons are: Carrion Birds, Undead Scavengers (Undead), Hell Buzzards (Demon), Winged Nightmares.

On Hell:

  • Carrion Birds are immune to Poison
  • Undead Scavengers and Winged Nightmares are immune Lightning
  • Hell Buzzards are immune Fire.

Carrion Birds and Undead Scavengers are found in the Act II desert areas. Hell Buzzards are found in the Act III city areas. The Winged Nightmares are found near or within Flayer camps.


Believed to be the mutated offspring of the large, native vultures that once inhabited these deserts, vulture demons seek only to kill and consume mortal beings that cross their paths. The giant vultures of old were, for the most part, scavengers who ate only the dead or dying. Now befouled, these creatures circle the desert in search of live prey. Their razor sharp beaks and talons can cause deep wounds, and a group of these demons can quickly bring down a victim. Although impossible to target while in flight, these vultures must land to attack, and are vulnerable when on the ground.